Affordable Housing Energy Use Survey, Gujarat (Rajkot)

Indus Information Initiatives Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, is the research partner for Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi, for their Affordable Housing Energy Use Study 2017. The purpose of this research survey is to explore how families in Rajkot’s affordable housing blocks are using energy and appliances.

Collection and dissemination of energy data is central to support research and to inform decisions both within and outside of government. However, gaps in the availability of energy data, especially on the demand side, have seriously inhibited rigorous analysis and projections of Indian energy. This lacuna prevents policy makers, companies and end-users form knowing how a building, a portfolio of buildings, or a city, use energy compared with themselves and with other similarly constructed operational structures. More so, the lack of data hampers effective policy-making.

In order to address this gap, we are partnering with the Centre for Policy Research (CPR), in planning and administrating the Study, and monitoring of energy use in 10 low income housing blocks of Rajkot, Gujarat. Data collection and analysis is being undertaken to inform an energy baseline in Rajkot, starting December 2016 in two seasons (winter- Dec 2016, Jan and Feb 2017; summer- May, June, July 2017).