Responsible Research Administration

  1. Efficiency
    • At Indus, we use resources efficiently.
    • Our partners vary from individuals, organizations to universities. They trust our dedicated services and focus on delivering innovation in research. We undertake research or accept funds, only if it is consistent with our existing research objectives, mission, and overall philosophy. Robust, strict, and clear funding and partnership policies govern our association with donors and partner organizations respectively.
    • Our projects are managed through a detailed and proper project plan
    • Data collection tools are pretested and piloted several times for testing adequacy and feasibility, before running the actual survey.
    • We ensure the most efficient and economical use of available manpower by following best practices in manpower management
  2. Accountability
    • Research is one area where we use a lot of information. From data containing personal information of respondents to data provided by our clients, each and every detail is highly confidential and sensitive. In such cases, we ensure that there are effective and efficient methods for storing and analyzing confidential data so that they can be protected from any loss, theft or any unauthorized use.
    • We make the maximum use of technology to ensure accountability and transparency
    • Lines of responsibility and accountability are clearly defined in order to ensure that the right person or team is accountable for the right information
    • We don’t compromise on research methods, even under resource crunched situations
    • Our systems and processes are designed to reduce involuntary and human errors in research
  3. Principles
    • We carry out research keeping in mind the principles of ethics and integrity
    • We abide by the laws of the land and take proper permission from the respective authority/ authorities before initiating our research activities in a particular area
    • In our interactions and dealings with the respondents, subjects or participants, we follow international best practices
    • We do not share our client’s data outside and/or among external partners. We believe that mutual accountability is crucial between data sharing partners and follow a standardized contracting procedure to ensure that we build a mutually advantageous based on trust between us and our clients.